How Much Does Commercial Lawn Mowing Cost in Sydney?

Commercial Landscape maintenance Sydney

As a business owner, you know how important it is to make a good first impression on your customers and visitors. The first thing they notice about your property is its outdoor façade, and if it isn’t well-kept, then you’re already off to a rocky start. Professional landscaping and lawn mowing is the easiest way for busy business owners to maintain outdoor spaces since it doesn’t take any time out of their day.

Commercial Lawn mowing and landscape maintenance costs completely depend on your property size, from $100 per month for small strata units all the way to $15,000 for large industrial estates.

Examples Commercial Landscape Maintenance Costs

Commercial lawn mowing prices vary in Sydney depending on several factors, including outdoor space, lawn size and condition, lawn mowing frequency and the gardening services you require. To give you some perspective, here are some real-life examples of current contracts we have with clients.

Single Unit in Small Strata Complex

We manage the lawn mowing and maintenance of a single unit with approximately 100 square metres of lawn within a commercial strata complex. This job is priced at $100 per month for lawn mowing, grass cutting, edging and blowing services.

Medium Sized Industrial Facility

We work with an industrial facility located on a 4,000-sqm block on land that includes lawns, gardens and a car park. This job is priced at $1,000 per month for lawn mowing, edging, shrub maintenance, blowing, pruning, hard surface weed control and car park debris clearing.

Corporate Headquarters of a Large Multinational Company

We do commercial lawn mowing and landscaping for the corporate headquarters of a large multinational company set on a 15-acre estate with lawns, gardens, car parks and hedges. This job is priced at $15,000 per month and includes lawn mowing, edging, blowing, shrub maintenance, pruning, weed control, fertilising and car park debris clearing.

JBL Services can cover small or large contracts or even one-off jobs where needed. Costs will also depend on whether you need ongoing maintenance or one-off jobs. Ongoing maintenance jobs are often the most cost-effective. We always provide a site inspection for a customised quote.

Factors Influencing Professional Lawn Mowing Costs

Several other factors can influence the lawn mowing cost, including:

Lawn Type

The most common grass types in Sydney include; Buffalo grass, Zoysia Grass, Couch Grass and Kikuyu Grass. Popularly found on many commercial properties, Buffalo grass is durable, easy to grow and maintain. It requires fertilisation every six to eight weeks to ensure it thrives in different conditions. Zoysia grass has high heat tolerance and requires low maintenance, while Couch grass tends to grow quickly and may require more maintenance, especially in warmer months. Kikuyu grass is also high maintenance but has high wear tolerance, which is why it is popular in ovals, parks and fields.

Plants and Obstructions

Obstructions and plants can influence the cost of mowing. For example, large open fields may be easier and quicker to mow in comparison to smaller spaces with plenty of trees and hardscapes.

Lawn Size

The size of the lawn will play a role in the overall cost. It goes without saying that larger lawns will cost more than smaller spaces.

Frequency of Lawn Mowing

Typically, a professional will set up a regular lawn maintenance plan based on your commercial property’s needs. Larger intervals between each service will result in more time spent on the property. Letting grass and lawns grow out to reduce your costs may not be a great decision because you will need to account for the extra time at a later stage.

Seasonal Requirements

The cost of lawn mowing can vary and will likely be higher during the peak in summers because you will need more frequent mowing. You may not require lawn mowing as frequently in winter.

Condition of the Lawn

The condition of your lawns can increase the price. If your grass is dry and patchy or long and out of control, this may require more work. Overhanging branches and shrubs will result in more time spent on the property, which again will influence costs.

Additional Costs

It is important that all requirements are outlined in the quote so it is clear and transparent. The quote should typically include any maintenance costs, weeding, fertiliser, edging, gardening, equipment required so you can budget more accurately.

Benefits of Hiring an Experienced Professional


As a business owner, strata or property manager, you’re unlikely to be a landscaping and lawn care expert. Professionals with years of experience in the field know exactly what it takes to make sure your lawn looks neat and tidy at all times no matter what type of grass or landscaping you have – leaving a good first impression on your visitors, guests and customers.

Time Saving

A professional lawn mowing service will not only focus on lawn mowing but also on landscaping, garden care and maintenance. All your requirements are handled – whether it is a one-off job or ongoing. Consistent and reliable service with regular updates will save you time and allow you to get on with more pressing business tasks.


It’s one thing to have a nicely designed landscape. But it needs regular maintenance to stay that way. A well-kept outdoor appearance makes a great first impression on your visitors. On the other hand, an unkempt garden can make your entire business look unprofessional. A professional lawn mowing service takes care of all the details regularly so you can enjoy the benefit of a beautiful outdoor space.

When you hire a professional, it usually involves more than just lawn mowing and grass cutting. Additional services can include sidewalk edging, garden maintenance, weeding and trimming trees and shrubs. Professionals can also work around your schedule and ensure they meet regulations for NSW time restrictions.

Rely on a Professional Landscaping Service

Healthy lawns and gardens require regular upkeep. From weed control, fertiliser, treatments, mowing frequency, removal of grass clippings, mulching, hedging and trimming of trees and shrubs. Looking after all these can be an overwhelming task for a business without the assistance of professionals.

Commercial mowing services will follow a series of steps to protect your lawn and keep it looking its best all year long! But it is a different kettle of fish compared to residential since businesses usually have larger outdoor spaces in offices, buildings, retail facilities and business parks. That’s why you need to hire a professional company like JBL Services to handle it all for you, with transparent, customised pricing.

JBL Services is a highly trusted commercial lawn mowing business with nearly 30 years of experience in Castle Hill and Sydney. We work with property managers, strata, commercial tenants and business owners to enhance their property surrounds. We take care of all your needs including ongoing maintenance, landscaping, hedging and trimming so you can get on with running your business.

Commercial Mowing Sydney

JBL Services

Since 1992, JBL Services has provided commercial lawn mowing and landscaping services to over 500 businesses in Castle Hill and throughout Sydney. Our commercial lawn mowing services include ongoing maintenance, landscaping, fertilisation and weed control, lawn treatment, hedging and trimming.


Sydney Commercial Mowing and Landscape Maintenance

Landscape Maintenance

Since 1992, JBL Services has provided commercial lawn mowing and landscaping services to over 500 businesses in Castle Hill and throughout Sydney.

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