Fertilisation & Weed Control

JBL Services provides a full range of landscape maintenance services. Any Maintenance Service packages can be tailored for your specific commercial or residential lawn maintenance requirements.

Lawn Fertilisation

Weed Control

Pesticides, Fungicides for Lawn & Shrubs

Any of our services can be placed on an annual agreement & invoiced monthly to ensure ongoing beautification of your property at an affordable rate.

Lawn Fertilisation

JBL Services operatives will monitor all soft landscaped areas during a maintenance contract to ensure the grass remains healthy. We can offer a two -stage fertiliser programme, applying a high-nitrogen feed during the spring followed by a low-nitrogen feed during the autumn.

Weed Control

JBL Services adopt a manual approach, ensuring the appearance of the site is kept to a high standard, combined with the careful use of herbicides such as Roundup Pro Bi-active. All chemical applications are conducted by fully qualified operatives in accordance with all relevant Health and Safety regulations. Pulled and dead weeds are removed from site, along with any general waste.

Lawn Maintenance


Cutting Banks

Cutting Formal Grass Areas

Cutting General Amenity Grass

Gang Mowing

Grass Edges

Lawn Treatment


Beds & Shrubbery's


Hoeing and Digging



Pruning Shrubs and Roses

Weed Control

Summer Bedding

Winter Bedding


Hedge Cutting





Environmental Hygiene

Leaf Clearance

Litter Clearance


Weed Treatment

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